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String Prices (all prices include installation)

Note:  This is a very long list.  Make sure you keep going until you hit the natural gut page.


Labor Only:  Bring your string to me, and I’ll handle the rest.       $17


Ashaway Dynamite: A wonderful playability string, with ZYEX center core surrounded by a microfiber wear layer. Excellent power, feel and ball pocketing, but it’s a little stiff. Recommended to reduce tension 10-20%.  16 gauge in lavender, 17 gauge in gray.  Not a durability string.  Special pricing limited to sets on hand. Reg. $29       $17



Yonex Poly Tour: Yonex’s version of monofilament ploy strings so popular right now. Solid feel with average (for poly) tension maintenance and decent power. 16L gauge in white.  Special discount to normal $28 price; limited to sets on hand.    $17 


Alpha Comfort Plus:  Alpha’s Fiber Fusion Technology resin-treated core provides top-level cushioning and vibration dampening. A braided wrap and pearl finish add a little extra life. This is an excellent choice for sore arms. 16 gauge, natural only.       $17


Ashaway Composite: You may never use Kevlar again after you try this string.  A great, 3-way combination of fibers produces high durability and notch resistance along with excellent tension maintenance and better feel than Kevlar hybrids.  A wonderful choice for chronic string breakers. XT Pro:  16 gauge; XL Pro: 15 gauge.  Both in beige color only. Special pricing limited to sets on hand. Reg. $30   $17


RAB Endura Flex: Next-generation poly string with more power, feel, comfort and improved tension maintenance, but less durability.  Look at this string for performance rivaling Luxilon.   17 gauge in black.    $17  


Luxilon Adrenaline:  A really stiff string by Luxilon, and used by 2009 U.S. Open champion Juan Martin del Potro, Adrenaline Rewards high-speed swings (and punishes slow ones). Liquid crystal polymer construction gives it an extra-firm feel and high levels of control.  16L gauge in pewter.        $17


RAB Reflex Speed:  Very soft solid-core synthetic gut, average durability with good feel. An excellent choice for an inexpensive hybrid with polyester mains. 16L gauge, natural only.     $17


Head FXP Power:  Nylon core with wraps including Gel fibre and a pearl coating for added durability.  Good response with a soft feel.  16 gauge in natural.Special pricing limited to sets on hand.  Reg. $30           $17


Head Sonic Pro:  A very nice co-polymer string, combining good control and reduced string movement with a nice, soft (for poly) feel. Luxilon-type feel at a slightly lower price. 17 gauge in white. Special pricing limited to sets on hand. Regular price $31      $17


Luxilon M2:  The need for hybrids may be over when you try Luxilon’s softest string ever. No need to lower tension for forgiveness, and power production is much better than other poly-based strings.  16 gauge in yellow.                 $17


Wilson NXT Max:  The most durable NXT made: a copolymer micro core is surrounded by polyurethane impregnated filaments, and covered by 3 abrasion shields. Still very good playability, but durability is better than standard NXT.  15L gauge, natural color. Special pricing limited to sets on hand. Reg $37     $17


Luxilon TiMo:  Luxilon uses titanium and molybdenum to produce this string with a softer feel and better tension maintenance than Alu Power. Used by many WTA Tour players. 17 or 18 gauge, silver color.        $17



Alpha All Player Nylon:  The least expensive string I offer.  Playability and comfort are below average, but durability is good.  If you break a lot of strings and are on a budget, this may be for you. 15L gauge, natural color.        $18


Gosen Micro 16:  Standard single-wrap synthetic; average play and durability. White or natural, 16 gauge only.        $22


MetaSyn: Single-wrap synthetic with a metallic coating for added ball feel; slightly higher elongation for more cushioning. A good choice for hybrids. 17 gauge in yellow.  $22


 2-Wrap Synthetic Gut: This string has 2 outer wraps for added durability and spin. 15L gauge in red only.   $22


Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut:  Everybody’s got one these days, but Tecnifibre’s solid-core synthetic gut promises to be softer than Prince, Gamma or Wilson.  Solid playability and average life. 16 gauge in gold.    $22


Alpha Firecable: A funky, twisted multifilament core with an even cooler braided wrap is covered by a twisted polyester wrap, making a string with great power and consistency with a nice, cushioned feel.      I love this stuff:  A great-playing string at a very attractive price. Not for string-breakers. 16 gauge in gold.          $23


Gamma Synthetic Gut: A solid-playing string in a standard setup (solid core with wraps), this is my most popular “durability” string for racquetball. 15L gauge in white.        $23


Wilson Synthetic Gut:  Firm-feeling solid core string liked by strong hitters. 16 gauge in natural. $23 



Polyester Hybrid: A good choice for string-breakers: RAB Monoflex
polyester main strings, and RAB Reflex Speed crosses.  Very good durability, slightly reduced playability. Available in 16L gauge, gold/natural color.      $23


Prince Original Synthetic Gut: Still one of the world’s most popular strings after all these years, giving a solid feel and playability for any racquet.  16 gauge in gold or white.  $24



Gamma Synthetic Gut w/ Wear Guard: Slightly less forgiving than Gamma’s standard synthetic gut, but more durable with the Wear Guard filaments.  Similar to Prince Duraflex Synthetic Gut. 17 gauge in white.     $24



RAB Monoflex:  Great tension maintenance for polyester. Reduced string movement and good durability, but performance suffers vs. standard synthetics. 16 gauge, gold.          $25


Babolat Conquest:  “Entry level” and Babolat are not normally terms I use together, but this is one of Babolat’s lowest-priced strings. Solid core with wraps, it offers average play, life and feel.  If you like Babolat but are on a budget, here it is.  16 gauge in white.                                                                                                                $25

Prince Synthetic Gut w/ Duraflex: The world’s best-selling string. Solid feel with added durability. A great all-round string.  Popular for tennis and racquetball. Available in 16 or 17 gauge, white or gold color.        $25


E-Force Platinum (racquetball only): Specifically made for the demands and tensions of racquetball. Solid core with low-angle nylon 66 wraps for a good combination of power, feel and shock absorption. 16 or 17 gauge in amber.                $25


RAB Endura:  A great polyester hybrid, using RAB Monoflex polyester mains, and an extra-soft synthetic cross. Most of the durability of a polyester string, with added comfort.  16 gauge in gold or green.            $25  


Kevlar Hybrid: Ashaway Kevlar main strings and Gosen Micro 16 crosses.  Less durability than ProBlend -- but not much -- and less expensive.  16 gauge, gold color. Remember to reduce tension 5-10%.        $25


Wilson Sensation: One of the world’s most popular strings, and one of the most comfortable:  multifilament/no center core construction plays very soft with great feel. A good choice for sore arms or stiff frames. 16 or 17gauge in white.      $27


Discho Black Mamba: A new-generation poly from Germany, with good spin application and nice feel and power if strung properly (they recommend not above 52#, and your final number will most likely be lower than you think). 16 gauge in black.                $25


Alpha Prodigy: Alpha’s new “energy core” is injected with a “secret” resin to increase resilience (more power with less effort and fatigue). The smooth outer wrap has less friction for a little extra life. 16 gauge, natural or red.                $26


Wilson Hollow Core Truly innovative string from Wilson. An air-filled (yes, “hollow”) core aids in shock absorption and makes for a very comfortable feel at impact.  Not for string breakers, but a real consideration if you want more cushion from your strings. 16 gauge in natural.     $26


Alpha Viper MXT: Top-line solid core string with MXT (Materials x Twisting) technology for improved play. 17 gauge in gold.      $27



Babolat N.Vy:  Soft solid-core synthetic from Babolat. Silicone outer coating helps fight notching. 16 gauge in blue spiral.                  $27



Prince Lightning XX: Extra playability with improved tension maintenance. Spring-loaded Powerfoils add power and reduce string wear. 16 gauge in clear, pink, gold, black, red or blue; 17 gauge in clear or pink.        $27



Thunderstrings Titanium Pro :  The most durable string in the Thunderstrings line in my testing, and a more solid feel than the Cyclone series with equal tension maintenance.  16 gauge in silver.      $27


Wilson Reaction: Hi-tech multifilament that feels stiffer than most, liked by stronger hitters. Still with good shock absorption. 16 gauge in natural.       $27



MSV Focus Hex MSV makes many “new generation” poly strings, and Focus Hex is one of their best.  The thin gauge and hexagonal shape give great bite, and the feel is not too harsh. Note that MSV suggests lower tensions for their strings to perform optimally.  18 gauge in white.      $28


Thunderstrings Storm: Thunderstrings has a new U.S. distributor, and Cyclone Pro has been renamed Storm. It’s still the same string:  a fine new-gen poly with good tension maintenance and great power.  It’s a little on the soft side, for those who like their polys that way. It’s recommended to string at 4-6# less than your normal poly tension. 17 gauge in black.           $28    


Head IntelliTour:  A good “feel” hybrid, using Head’s RIP polyolefin ribbon technology to make a string set with a nice, soft feel.  Good tennis elbow string. Gold color, 16 gauge RIP Tour mains/17 gauge RIP Feel crosses.       $29



Gamma TNT2:  One of the best all-round strings available for tennis or racquetball, combining high-quality synthetic core and wraps with Gamma’s TNT2 processing for added comfort and feel. A good choice for stiff frames.                                                                              15L in natural, 16 or 17 gauge in natural or black.        $30



Prince ProBlend: Ultimate durability, using Kevlar main strings and Prince Duraflex Synthetic Gut crosses.  Playability suffers, but it’s one of the most durable strings around.  16 gauge, gold color. Note:  reduce tension 10%.           $30        



 Signum Pro Tornado: A very unique design: a heptagonal (seven-sided) poly string that is also twisted for incredible spin potential. Tension maintenance is pretty good for poly, as well.  16 or 17 gauge in black.    $30


Tecnifibre Multifeel:  High-tech solid core string with all the nice Tecnifibre qualities:  soft feel, good power and easy on the arm.  16 or 17 gauge natural                                                                                                                  $30 


Thunderstrings Cyclone Triangle A really cool string, with one of the best shapes around.  Triangular design provides sharp edges for spin-generating friction, but leaves flat panels rubbing against one another for improved durability.  Tension maintenance is exceptional for poly. This could be the best of both worlds for polyester players. 16L gauge in black.                $30


Thunderstrings Titanium Triangle 3VOLUTION My personal favorite in the Thunderstrings line. Great ball feel and spin from the twisted triangular shape, along with good tension maintenance. 16L gauge in silver.                   $30


Babolat Addiction: A nice multifilament design, Addiction has good power and a soft feel thanks to its mix of polyamide fibers and polyurethane. Durability is enhanced with polytetrafluorethylene, a low friction material included to reduce string notching.  16 or 17gauge in natural.                 $31


Head FXP Power:  Nylon core with wraps including Gel fibre and a pearl coating for added durability.  Good response with a soft feel. 16 gauge in natural.       $31



Head Sonic Pro:  A very nice co-polymer string, combining good control and reduced string movement with a nice, soft (for poly) feel. Luxilon-type feel at a slightly lower price.     17 gauge in white.             $31


RAB Sensorfibre: Small-sized multifilament core, bonded thermally and chemically, then saturated with polyurethane, and finally twisted and cured to produce an exact string memory. A good string for high-power level frames. If you want a string to “read” your shots, this is it!  Now available in a more durable 15L, as well as 16, gauge in natural.                                       $31


Tecnifibre Promix: A unique mix:  multifilament polyester!  Excellent poly durability with multifilament softness and the added comfort of polyurethane impregnation. A good choice for a hybrid with standard polys.  16 gauge, natural color.                     $31


Ashaway Dynamite Soft (NEW!)Ashaway has been the industry leader in Zyex strings for years, and their latest version has taken away Zyex’s main problem: its harshness. Smaller Zyex filaments in the core make the string more flexible and forgiving.  The microfiber wear layer is still there to protect the core. 17 gauge in green. $32


Gamma Asterisk:  Gamma’s novel asterisk-shaped core, along iwht outstanding material technology, provides great tension maintenance for a synthetic string. High-energy multifilaments add power.  16 or 17 gauge in natural.                $33


Luxilon Big Banger Ace:  A softer formula for more forgiveness from a ploy string.  If you have a kid or woman wanting to “break in” to poly, this would be a good starting point.  18 gauge in green.      $33



Tecnifibre Black Code: A very soft monofilament polyester, Black Code has a novel pentagonal shape, making for ball-grabbing feel and extra durability over traditional rounded profile strings. Excellent tension maintenance for poly.  16 gauge black.                       $33


Tecnifbre Duramix HD This is as unique as it gets:  a 50/50 mix of polyester and polyamide multifilaments, along with polyurethane impregnation and silicone coating for great durability with a crisp feel, plus limited elasticity for added control. 16 gauge in natural. $33


Gamma Asterisk Tour:  All the great Asterisk features, along with a firmer feel.  16 or 17 gauge in natural.        $34


Gamma Asterisk Spin: A great addition to the Asterisk family. The standard Asterisk core provides excellent tension maintenance, while the extra filament wound on the outside helps you grab the ball.  16 gauge in natural.        $34


Tecnifibre NRG2: Soft feel with excellent power and tension maintenance, NRG2 is one of the best top-line multifilament synthetics. Good for sore arms and stiff frames, but plays well for every player and frame type. 16,17 or 18 gauge, natural color.                    $34


  Gamma Live Wire XP:  The famous Live Wire playability with a more solid feel and better tension maintenance, thanks to the addition of Zyex fibers.  Not as forgiving as regular Live Wire, but it’s the best firm-feeling top-line synthetic I’ve tried. 16 or 17 gauge, natural.             $34


Prince Poly EXP: Top-line co-poly string from Prince, with good playability and a solid feel. More forgiving than most polys due to its multifilament design. 17 gauge in gray and optic yellow.               $34


Prince Premier LT: The “LT” stands for Linear Technology, Prince’s new design where the string fibers are aligned parallel to each other to increase ball pocketing, comfort and playability. 16 or 17 gauge in natural.        $34

Tecnifibre TGV: Tecnifibre’s newest string, with extra polyurethane for an even softer feel. If your arm is sore, this may just be the best synthetic string choice there is. 16 gauge, natural.     $34



Volkl Gripper : A novel concept from Volkl, taking a standard multifilament string and adding a textured outer layer to increase the “grabbing effect”. If solid-core strings with texture feel too harsh, this is the next level. 16 or 17 gauge in natural.       $34 


Gamma ZoVerve: Textured poly from Gamma for big hitters.  Very little elongation makes it feel firm and aids in control of bigger swings, while the texture helps in spin production.  17 gauge in maroon.     $35


Tecnifibre XCode The next-generation Promix, XCode offers a great combination of comfort and durability.  Polyester multifilaments combined with polyurethane impregnation and a silicone anti-friction coating make this a great choice for younger players or for use as a hybrid with monofilament polys. 16 or 17 in black.   $35


Luxilon Big Banger Original Rough The original Luxilon formula (more fluorocarbon than ALU) and a slightly thicker gauge than ALU for more durability and a “heavier” feel, along with a textured finish for more spin. 16 gauge in natural..        $35


E-Force Oxygen (racquetball only): Top-of-the-line racquetball multifilament string, with over 1200 composite microfibers “wet bonded” together and supported by a nylon sheath with 3 polyurethane wear layers for added comfort. 18 gauge natural.                            $36


Luxilon Alu Power: Used by numerous ATP/WTA Tour players, this is the ultimate in performance. Minimal string movement; aluminum oxide coating provides excellent durability. Not the most forgiving, but this could be the best advanced player’s string.  Available in 16L gauge in gray or ice blue.       $36



Luxilon Alu Power Rough: Similar playability to Alu Power (a little stiffer) with the added benefit of a textured surface for a “grabby” feel.  16L gauge in gray.    $36

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase:  Exclusive Elastyl fibers and Fiber H2C combine to increase power by 12% over standard polyurethane-based strings, and provide better tension maintenance.  16, 17 or 18 gauge, natural color.          $36


Wilson NXT: With great feel and shock absorption, NXT is a fine choice for sore elbows and stiff frames.  Excellent playability, below average durability.  16 or 17 gauge, natural color.              $36



Babolat RPM Blast: The string of choice of 2010 French Open champions Rafael Nadal and Francesca Schiavone, RPM Blast takes Pro Hurricane Tour to a new level.  The standard octagonal shape has been used with improved material design to yield more power and spin potential.  16 or 17 gauge in black.                    $37



Babolat XCel Power: A huge bundle of XCel fibres in the core provides exceptional power and comfort, and a firmer feel than original XCel.  16 or 17 gauge in natural.  $38



Prince Recoil: Incredibly advanced synthetic string with Prince’s MicroWeb Technology (from Gore-Tex) that realigns the strings after impact for great string realignment on topspin shots (it still moves on slice and sidespin). 16 gauge in white.                      $38


Wilson NXT Tour: The best playability in the NXT line (and that’s saying something!). The highest quality crystalline Xycro microfibers with a twisted center filament and maximum polyurethane impregnation provide maximum power, excellent shock absorption and expand the sweet spot by 20%.  16, 17 or 18  gauge, natural color.                   $38


Babolat Tonic + Natural Gut: Excellent natural gut playability at a lower price.  Tonic + has the same VS Gut quality, but its gauge is somewhat inconsistent.  15L gauge is quite durable even if some spots are “thinned out” a little. 15L gauge, natural $52  


Pacific Prime Gut: Pacific’s gut feels a little stiffer than Babolat’s, but some folks like that (“stiff” for gut is a relative term).  It still has all the great gut qualities, just with a little more solid feel. 16L gauge in natural.                $63


Babolat VS Natural Gut:  Excellent Babolat play and quality, and still used by top pros.  15L, 16 or 17 gauge, natural color.      $63

















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