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Stringing is one of the most misunderstood things about tennis, even with its newly-found publicity from the pro game. Recreational players still pay less attention to stringing and racquet dynamics than they do to the color of their team uniforms.

Guess which is more important?

 In every instance I can imagine, stringing is more important than the racquet itself. The highest-quality frame on the market, custom-matched to your game, will not help you much if it is strung with the wrong string and/or tension. Meanwhile, if the frame is not perfect for you, but it’s strung properly, you will be able to make confident, repeatable swings and get consistent results.

A dedicated racquet technician will do everything possible to educate himself and keep up to date on industry trends. I am one of the very few to attend every Grand Slam Stringers (GSS) Symposium, a wonderful learning environment where we study every aspect of racquet work: stringing, customizing, string science, machine maintenance and proper business practices.

I try to teach tennis the same way I play it:  with passion and a sense of humor.  Don’t come to take a class or lesson from me if you can’t laugh at yourself, or if you’re concerned about laughing at the other players or even at me.  Everyone is fair game on my court, and I want a good time to be had by one and all.

I will make every endeavor to show you the proper technique for each shot, but the most important thing is that you enjoy the experience. If your strokes aren’t perfect, but you enjoy your style of play and aren’t going to compete at the highest levels, who am I to argue? As long as your swing isn’t physically hurting you, feel free to tell me to buzz off.  Imperfect strokes with good strategy will be more fun than mindless technique, anyway.