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Tennis Instruction In Seminole County

tennis instruction

Tennis Instruction in Seminole County

Tennis Instruction for all levels – from beginner to competition level

I think that too much emphasis is placed on the competitive aspects of tennis, and too little on what it was originally meant to be:  a way for people to get together with friends, get some exercise, and just have fun.  The current emphasis our society places on competition, fame and fortune in sports is appalling to me. These were not the original intentions of sports.

I think you should take the court to play tennis for the simple reasons that it’s a pleasure to play, and to enjoy the company of friends and make new ones.  Winning or losing a match is inconsequential to the sheer joy of participating. The one-on-one aspect of tennis means that, as Vic Braden has said, “Half the people who play every day are going to lose.” The sheer odds of that equation should tell us to put it out of our minds and focus on something more positive.  And that should be enjoying the social aspects of the game.

Whether you are a casual player, play in leagues or tournaments, or play tennis for a living, you’re going to be miserable if you don’t have a love of playing the game for its own sake. The greatest pro players in the world can play a gritty, exhausting and tempestuous match and embrace at the end, having enjoyed the playing of the game.  That happens too rarely on our level.

Don’t put your worth as a person on the same level as your won-lost record.  Go home from the tennis court happy you played.

I try to teach tennis the same way I play it:  with passion and a sense of humor.  Don’t come to take a class or lesson from me if you can’t laugh at yourself, or if you’re concerned about laughing at the other players or even at me.  Everyone is fair game on my court, and I want a good time to be had by one and all.

I will make every endeavor to show you the proper technique for each shot, but the most important thing is that you enjoy the experience. If your strokes aren’t perfect, but you enjoy your style of play and aren’t going to compete at the highest levels, who am I to argue? As long as your swing isn’t physically hurting you, feel free to tell me to buzz off.  Imperfect strokes with good strategy will be more fun than mindless technique, anyway.

I do feel, however, that too little emphasis is placed on properly teaching the serve, and will work very hard to show you the right way to hit it. Most players use the wrong grip, which severely limits flexibility and variety of shot, and places stress on muscles ill-equipped to deal with it.  In every class and private lesson, I try to work on this most important shot. Remember:  if you can’t serve, you can’t play.

I also want you to play shorter points and enjoy hitting forcing shots (tennis is lots of fun until the two-hour mark; then it starts to feel like work for most of us).  So, my philosophy emphasizes moving forward and taking the ball in the air.


Central Florida Tennis Programs

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are currently running a limited schedule of lessons.  Being limited to 3 students per lesson has left us unable to offer the 5-7 and 7-10 year old classes at this time. Please check this page for notifications of when they will be back on.

We cannot currently accept new students due to a backlog of existing students waiting to get into lessons.

Central Florida Tennis offers a varied and complete program for players of all ages and levels. We are happy to announce we are now back at the completely rebuilt Westmonte Park for all lessons. It’s a beautiful place!

Session 1:  January 1-January 31

Session 2:  February 1-February 28

Session 3:  March 1-March 31

Session 4:  April 1-April 30

Session 5:  May 1-May 31

Session 6:  August 1-August 31

Session 7:  September 1- September 30

Session 8:  October 1- October 31

Session 9:  November 1- November 30

Session 10:  December 1- December 31


For more information, please contact:

Matt Steverson, Director of Tennis

Phone: 407.701.9351



Pee Wee Tennis: Monday 5-530pm

All kids 5-7 years old can meet to learn the skills and enjoyment of tennis

$24 per session


Beginner 7-10 years old: Monday 530-630pm/ Saturday 9-10am

Big brothers and sisters can learn the game, as well. Technical instruction along with fun games

$44 per session 1 day per week

$88 per session 2 days per week

Adult Beginner: Mondays 630-730pm

Why shouldn’t Moms and Dads be able to enjoy tennis like the kids. Fundamental instruction and fun for adults.

$44 per session

Advanced Juniors: Tuesday 530-630pm

Prepare your game for school teams and tournament play with an intense 2 hour training session focusing on technique, strategy and match play. Must be approved by instructor for placement.

$44 per session

Adult Intermediate: Wednesdays 6-7pm/Saturdays 8-9am

Once you pass beginner stage, it’s time to prepare for match play and league tennis. In this group, we provide more detailed instruction with emphasis on match play.

$44 per session 1 day per week/$88 per session 2 days per week

Advanced Juniors Saturday Workout: 10-1130am

Just like the Tuesday group, but we add an extra half hour of work, and boy do we work! Instruction, drills, match play and sprints for a “for real” workout! Players must have pro approval before participating.

$64 per session

Private Lessons: Focus on your specific needs with one-on-one time with a certified professional. $30 per ½ hour/$55 per hour